Rugged Carving

Order No.: RT101010

Rugged Trucks bring you a completely redesigned truck for surfing the streets.
While most trucks actually restrict the movement of the hanger the Rugged Carving Trucks have been designed to allow the front hanger to move giving the trucks a unique feeling of surfing the streets. With so much front hanger movement our trucks give you as much turn AND lean as possible.
You can build up speed on these trucks just from a few gentle carves and with some practise even pumping uphill is possible. While other companies have tried similar concepts with the Rugged Carving Trucks you can turn a board into a street surfer at an affordable price.


Order No.: RT101011

The new Skateboard trucks have been designed along side the rugged trucks with some features from the mk7s. These trucks have a 150mm wide hanger, perfect for a city slasher ‘big skateboard’ or a Techslide board. The machined faced hanger makes it a precise feeling versatile truck. These come stock with a barrel and a cone bushing making them feel flowing in the hard turns. Pair these with some SP Revolutions for a great all round setup in bowls and the hills.